Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Well, There are things I like about being pregnant and there are things I dont. I am so grateful to finally have a healthy, growing baby that I try to remind myself everytime I am feeling sick, achy, moody, etc that I am grateful to be all those awful things because in the end it will give us a new bundle of joy. Things I could do without: Mood swings- I literally feel myself turning into a mad women sometimes and I have no control over myself. Its awful, even more to the person on the other end of my mood swing. I hope with time they can forgive me. Aches and Pains- My most recent is the restless leg that comes on almost every night and keep me awake and miserable. I do NOT know how I would be surviving without the heating pad. I am also not a huge fan of the round ligament pains that are coming back earlier and earlier every pregnancy. I was barely 16 weeks when I started feeling them this time around. Fat- Do we really have to get so frumpy and fat? Is it really necessary. There has got to be a way around this. Acne-Ok, so its not full blown but my skin is awful during pregnancy. I have zits that appear in places I didn't even know you could get them. Food Adversions- Thankfully I am just making past these but I literally had 5 foods I could eat for the first 18 weeks and all of them were in the dairy food group. Things I love: Feeling the baby kick- This is by far my favorite thing about being pregnant. I love being able to feel this little life inside of me and pondering our already forming relationship. The boys are so adorable. They are hugging and kissing my belly every day. I couldn't ask for better boys. They make my heart swell. My awesome husband. He is so involved. I love every minute of him telling me what I can and can't eat. Asking me what size fruit our baby is this week. Dealing with my mood swings, touching my belly, attending my appointments, giving of his pillows, volunteering to do things for me, etc. He is so great. It is much different than what I was used to in my previous pregnancies and I am cherishing these moments with him. I am so excited to be having a baby girl! I know that her brothers and dad are going to take such good care of her. I cant wait to meet her. Hopefully we can agree on a name before she comes in March. I am also praying for 38 weeks of pregnancy and not 40. Is that so bad?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Wilson Family Camp Out

 Maddie and Ty found caterpillars. It kept them entertained for quite some time.
 Aren't they cute?!
 My studmuffin son! He is super cool, right!
 The camp.

 Love pictures like these.
 Ozzy is trying to cross his eyes.
 Family picture. Love it.
 Hiking to the lake. Tyler and I were about 2 (or so) steps behind everyone else but he made it without being carried the entire hike in and out!
 Taking a quick break 
 Snack time.
 Mike caught this great pic.
 Lunchables and licorice. Great lunch, for sure.
 If your happy and you know it...
 Chillin at the fire
 Why do boys love fire so much. Its like an instant connection :)
 The boys loved the fire so much they created their own miniature fire pit.
Dirty, Dirty. I don't think he was clean for more than 10 minutes the whole time we were camping.
 Cody made the day when he turned some logs and a few strap downs into a swing for the kids.
Maddie having fun on the swing

Tyler starts soccer

 Soccer has definitely been a learning experience for me and Ty this year. I am not quite sure he is ready as the only time he touches the ball in a game is when he is asked to kick off or throw it in from out of bounds.
 That being said, he sure looks cute in his uniform. And at least he is having fun and getting a little exercise too.
  I think he is supposed to be stretching in the pic above
Ready, Aim, Kick!


Do you think he dug far enough to get it?


Jaren and Ozzy have taught Tyler "The last one in is a rotten egg" game. Only Tyler thinks if he is the rotten egg he is the winner. He is always telling us, "The last one in the house is a rotten egg." Then he waits for everyone to go in before strutting in the house and annoucing with a huge grin on his face, "Yeah, I'm a rotten e.e.egg" 

I wonder how long it will take him to figure it out? :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 19th 2011- Willard minus a boat-Past Post

Well we attempted to get out on the boat last weekend but luck was not on our side. It ended up at the repair shop. We did, however, still find the Saturday afternoon quite enjoyable.

Ty loved the water weenie! We couldn’t get him off. He literally hung on to that thing for hours. When he did fall off and take a dive he popped right back up shook off his near drowning and wanted right back on.

*New note- Looking back at this post I did not put pictures up of a most special person that attended this event. My future husband was there at the time but I had no idea it would get that far so I chose not to add him to the past post. I bet the boys had no idea they were bonding with their new dad either! :)

Things from the past

I had written these on an old blog but I wanted to make sure they get put in the family scrap books so I am reposting them to this blog.


Ozzy: Hey Mom
Mom: Yea Babe?
Ozzy: Its is freezing hot out here!

Jaren's Prayer

I am constantly telling the boys how grateful I am for them. I think they are amazing and feel truly blessed to have them in my life. I often wonder what I did right to deserve these three little gifts from God. Tonight I volunteered to give family prayer but Jaren insisted that he wanted to do it. This is as close to word for word as I can remember,

Dear Heavenly Father,
Please help me remember my Plinko money so I can play Plinko at school tomorrow. I will be really sad if I forget. Please help Tyler be quiet and listen to the prayer I am saying. Thank you for this day and Heavenly Father I just wanted to let you know that I am really grateful you gave me my family, I think they are the best. I know we can love and serve each other. I really love them. And thats all I really wanted to tell you tonight. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


After Jaren’s party we took quite a few balloons with us and had them floating around our van. We stopped at a friends house later that day and a balloon flew up into the sky. We watched it until it was a tiny spec and then went about our business.

A couple days later we see another balloon that had escaped and was mostly deflated in our yard at home. Jaren looks at me and asks, “Mom, do you remember the green balloon that flew away?”
Mom, “sure do buddy, what do you think happened to it?”
Jaren, “I bet Jesus popped it.”

Jaren Turns 7

Jaren is such a great brother! He was definitely born in the right pecking order. He knows how to be a big brother and is such a great example. I love his tender ways and the ability he has to negotiate. I always tell him most everything is negotiable and he has listened and learned. :) We have also been working on being brave and having courage so we can get the most out of life. He applied this theory the other day at McDonald’s when he didn’t get the toy he wanted. He marched right up to the counter and came back with the toy he was looking for. “Look mom,” he says. “I was brave and it wasn’t too scary and now I have the best one.”

For the record. Jaren did bowl a strike without the metal rails (the bumpers were up but the ball didn’t hit those either) We were whooping and hollering for quite some time. Jaren was perma grin!

Ozzy Hits 5

I am so grateful for this little boy!
The things I love most about this little man:
1. He doesn’t have to be asked twice to do things. He jumps on it the very first time I ask.
2. He loves to smother me with hugs and kisses and tell me how much he loves me.
3. He catches on to things really quickly whether its picking up a new Wii game, coordination things like sports, or math and reading. He is just a huge sponge!